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ViN’s Top Ten Bollywood Movies Countdown

My all time bollywood choicest flicks.

Number # 10

This hilarious movie is unique in the sense one can’t have enough of the phattas and every-time one watches it again, the jokes make you laugh again. Superb acting by the lead as well as character Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor..Ajit look-a-like. All in all a wholesome package.

Number # 9

This little known movie coincided with the beginning of my love-story with cricket. Aamir was delivering knock-out punches since he had made his debut in QSQT. This movie and Tum Mere Ho fell rather flat on the box office. But this one left an impression with its music, on-field climax, Dev Sa’ab’s swagger and Aamir’s cricket triumph well before Lagaan.

Number # 8

This flick from the parallel cinema with a military background left a denting impression on me when I saw it first as an 11 year old along with our entire school in a special show. It introduced me to the power-house named Nana Patekar and made …