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Like I Do..


Like I do, when I open my eyes,
When I first ask my mind to think about something nice.
When I lazily flip while still on my bed, When I think of God and see you instead. Like I do, in those first moments of a morning, Do you miss me too?

Like I do, when I plough through the day, When people talk to me and I don't know what they say. When I scribble a formal noting but got no clue, When targets on the charts resemble something like a You. Like I do, in every of those moments of the day, Do you miss me too?

Like I do, when I try to sleep to the best of my ability, When the song you suggested throngs through the midnight tranquility. When I close my eyes and try not to think of you, When you suddenly reappear out of a corner blue. Like I do, when traversing between sleep and sleeplessness Do you miss me too? Like I do..