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She said, “i like u”.
When feelings go green
When camaraderie is unseen
When path is together strewn

But then i like you even more
So give me a term of yore
That better suits us for sure.

She said, “i love u”.
When the cupid's arrow hits u
When all love stories befits u
When stoic objects greet u

But then i love u even more
So give me a term of yore
That better suits us for sure.

She said, “i adore u”.
When love reaches the next level
When affinity & romance makes u revel
When wings of fantasy ensure u travel

But then i adore u even more
So give me a term of yore
That better suits us for sure.

She said, “i need u”.
When the fire of passion takes over
When the heart takes a pulse slower
When the inferno doesn’t need a blower

But then i need u even more
So give me a term of yore
That better suits us for sure.

She said, “i want u”.
When the touch seems indispensible,
When the flame is irrepressible,
When the pain is insurmountable

But then i want u even more
So give me a …


Life without you

There is a sinking feeling,
The soft nerves have got reeling,
Hands folded in prayer and kneeling,
It’s Life without you.

The green of the aura has lost its tinge,
The cuckoo bird is on its strange melancholy binge,
The rain drops are at their lowest possible fringe,
It’s Life without you.

The train of life has come to a halt,
Every decision seems to carry some fault,
The ‘Fall’ is decisive and comes from an exalted vault,
It’s Life without you.

The ‘me’ in me has lost his meaning,
The shoulder searches someone to have her leaning,
The love was boundless, but now has a ceiling,
It’s Life without you.

I now realize what u meant for me,
It is clandestine and not for all to see,
Don’t imprison the spirit, rather set it free,
The Life without you, truly,
Is Life without ‘me’!!!
ViN’s Top Ten Bollywood Movies Countdown

My all time bollywood choicest flicks.

Number # 10

This hilarious movie is unique in the sense one can’t have enough of the phattas and every-time one watches it again, the jokes make you laugh again. Superb acting by the lead as well as character Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor..Ajit look-a-like. All in all a wholesome package.

Number # 9

This little known movie coincided with the beginning of my love-story with cricket. Aamir was delivering knock-out punches since he had made his debut in QSQT. This movie and Tum Mere Ho fell rather flat on the box office. But this one left an impression with its music, on-field climax, Dev Sa’ab’s swagger and Aamir’s cricket triumph well before Lagaan.

Number # 8

This flick from the parallel cinema with a military background left a denting impression on me when I saw it first as an 11 year old along with our entire school in a special show. It introduced me to the power-house named Nana Patekar and made …

Fight worth taking

[Challa (in hindi) means a ring. Challa or challebaazi in hindi poetry means a unique style of poem-writing where every next line starts with the last word of its preceding line. Written around the end of the year 2000 during my college-days, this challebaazi in English, depicts internal duels of a perfect soldier. Interestingly, the duel pertains more to heart than to sinews.]

They knew him.
He was a great soldier.
A soldier who had learnt only to win.
Win even the fiercest of battles.
Battles against relentless enemies.
Enemies who knew about him.
That he was a great soldier.

Another battle beckoned him.
Beckoning that demanded steely armour.
Armour though was perfect but for his heart.
Heart which said that the battle was lost.
Loss was the voice of even his mind.
Mind which had never failed him.

He who was a great soldier, decided to fight on.
Fight he did with all his valour.
Valour which brought him on the verge of victory.
Victory he knew shall come at someone's loss.
But loss was the voice …

My wife, my daughter have not returned!!

It was the winters of 2005. After a sumptuous lunch, a quick afternoon nap followed. But the nap was snapped before it could turn sweet. The Railway had phone rung as it usually does when you are in the midst of something meaningful. My controller on the other side informed that there had been a side collision between a passenger train (620 Dn which runs from Barkakana to Barawadih to Chopan to Allahabad) and a coal loaded Freight train (Up Lahra-Mohabbat named after the thermal power to which it was destined to deliver coal) at Barwadih and that there may be some casualties.

The Accident Relief Train was ordered and the divisional team departed in full strength for the site. The team from Head Quarter and from Railway Board which included members of Traffic and Mechanical also pushed off. One notable visitor was Arjun Munda, the then CM of Jharkhand. As we reached the site after 5-6 hours, the toll had risen to 21 deaths. The restoration team included three relief trains, two medical …

Why Scribble?

(From Wikipedia)
To write hastily or carelessly without regard to legibility or form. To cover with careless or worthless writings or drawings

This was in the pipeline since long. And like my many personal necessities and obligations which lag far behind in my list of priorities, writing my blog could not see the light of the day all these days. But finally its underway and underway for good.

Coming to think of the title of the blog, I chose 'Scribble' because that is the way I like writing. When I was a ten year old child, in class V, I thought of writing a book and thought the title of that book would be 'Mirage' because I had just come across that term and felt it was philosophical and flashy enough to justify being the title of a future best-seller. I also wrote a preface which I would post in due course here.

The lust of writing a best-seller notwithstanding, I plan to write in my blog whatever flashes across my mind, my memoirs, my 'scribbles' of yes…