The Perfect Story

There lived a White Swan in a distant pond
It was a massive pond
The water was misty and the green gorgeous
Then there was also life around him
Friends and family and friends those who were familial
Sunrise was celestial and Sunset was divine too
And it was a Perfect pond.

The White Swan was good at what he did
He was very good at what he planned
All around him depended on his instincts
Many lived to tell tales of his intuition
Many lived ’coz they didn’t die because of him
He was their Messiah
And he was a perfect Saviour.

The White Swan was a vivacious little soul
He had immense might in his breasts
He would burn the water when he trudged ahead
He would beat all
And he would beat them all with time to spare
Such were his strokes and so mighty his strength
That he was a Perfect Champ.

The White Swan had a tender little heart
He found his lady when she had swooned down
Swooned down for a gulp while flying South
She was a maiden from across the mountains
Spotlessly white, hazel eyes, godly beauty
But she fell for him and his manners
And it was a Perfect Romance.

The White Swan was a satiated spirit
The Pond was Perfect
He was a Perfect Messiah
He was a Perfect Champ
And he had a Perfect Romance
He had them all and he always thanked God for it
Because it was a Perfect Life

And one dusky eve
When the Sun was about to give way
The White Swan flew away
Flew away into the Sun
And with the Sun
Vanished into the blackness
Never to be seen again
Because he thought it was a Perfect Ending…


  1. this philosophy one is also good but i like your humour blogs know you should try your hand at writing book on any thing close to your heart, you really write interesting stuff

  2. the story may be perfect ,but life is not so perfect,easy & planned._ Papa.

  3. This story here has an imperfect end. Perceptions vary, the white swan had it all and he decided to move away. So there is an element of imperfection to this story. The title has been decided to add irony to it and kick in an element of surprise, or rather, disbelief right at the end.

  4. Your own story?

  5. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !

  6. Can the perfect swan not come back one day to his perfect pond and perfect lady?


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