Fight worth taking

[Challa (in hindi) means a ring. Challa or challebaazi in hindi poetry means a unique style of poem-writing where every next line starts with the last word of its preceding line. Written around the end of the year 2000 during my college-days, this challebaazi in English, depicts internal duels of a perfect soldier. Interestingly, the duel pertains more to heart than to sinews.]

They knew him.
He was a great soldier.
A soldier who had learnt only to win.
Win even the fiercest of battles.
Battles against relentless enemies.
Enemies who knew about him.
That he was a great soldier.

Another battle beckoned him.
Beckoning that demanded steely armour.
Armour though was perfect but for his heart.
Heart which said that the battle was lost.
Loss was the voice of even his mind.
Mind which had never failed him.

He who was a great soldier, decided to fight on.
Fight he did with all his valour.
Valour which brought him on the verge of victory.
Victory he knew shall come at someone's loss.
But loss was the voice of his mind.
Mind which had never failed him.

He lost the battle, knowingly.
Knowledge that told him he had never lost.
He lost the battle not to fight again.
He knew no other fight would be worth taking!!


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  2. Thanx. You appreciated it better because i explained you the spirit of it all.

  3. nicely darafted and crafted as well ...... an excellent writing quit railways and come to journalism anf feature writing...... :)

  4. sorry for the typo mistakes there.....

  5. Thanks "Rajnish' ji and Yasir bhai.
    @Yasir- Zinda rehne ke liye Railway is not bad..and it provides ample time and philosophy to impart body to what i write.

  6. you have taken the true genes of papa, at least in literary sense...liked the "challebaazi"


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