Why Scribble?

(From Wikipedia)
To write hastily or carelessly without regard to legibility or form. To cover with careless or worthless writings or drawings

This was in the pipeline since long. And like my many personal necessities and obligations which lag far behind in my list of priorities, writing my blog could not see the light of the day all these days. But finally its underway and underway for good.

Coming to think of the title of the blog, I chose 'Scribble' because that is the way I like writing. When I was a ten year old child, in class V, I thought of writing a book and thought the title of that book would be 'Mirage' because I had just come across that term and felt it was philosophical and flashy enough to justify being the title of a future best-seller. I also wrote a preface which I would post in due course here.

The lust of writing a best-seller notwithstanding, I plan to write in my blog whatever flashes across my mind, my memoirs, my 'scribbles' of yesteryears and more. That is, perhaps, it for kick-starting VINspeak and more shall follow, for sure.


  1. Congratulations on this beginning!

  2. thats a treat for ur fans sir...
    Waiting for 'more to follow'.

  3. this blog is a sight for sore eyes! bravo! der aaye per durust aaye!!!


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