Life without you

There is a sinking feeling,
The soft nerves have got reeling,
Hands folded in prayer and kneeling,
It’s Life without you.

The green of the aura has lost its tinge,
The cuckoo bird is on its strange melancholy binge,
The rain drops are at their lowest possible fringe,
It’s Life without you.

The train of life has come to a halt,
Every decision seems to carry some fault,
The ‘Fall’ is decisive and comes from an exalted vault,
It’s Life without you.

The ‘me’ in me has lost his meaning,
The shoulder searches someone to have her leaning,
The love was boundless, but now has a ceiling,
It’s Life without you.

I now realize what u meant for me,
It is clandestine and not for all to see,
Don’t imprison the spirit, rather set it free,
The Life without you, truly,
Is Life without ‘me’!!!


  1. Thanx yasir. Thanks for all ur encouragements!!

  2. too good, its hard to be away from loved ones...cant even think of how it feels to lose one

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  6. It is the hardest thing to let your loved one go...


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